What Hand Do Golfers Wear Gloves On?

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What Hand Do Golfers Wear Gloves On

Oftentimes, believe it or not, many beginner golfers got their gloves on the wrong hand. It can be confusing.

Gloves are worn for a reason – they need to fit perfectly so they don’t slip around when swinging your club. If yours do slip around then it could affect your game and even cause injury.

So what hand do golfers wear gloves on? 

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What Hand Do Golfers Wear Gloves On?

If you’re a right-handed golfer, you might be thinking you need to buy a glove for your right hand but it’s the opposite. 

So if you’re just starting, if you’re right-handed you need a glove on your left hand. If you’re left-handed, you’re going to need one on your right hand.

Now, why is that so? Does that make any sense?

Well, it does because if you’re a right-handed player you’re going to place your left hand on the grip first. Your left hand is the key hand, the one that’s holding the golf club and controlling the clubface.

The clubface is going to do basically whatever the back of your left hand does coming through. Your right-hand (rear hand) goes on for support that kind of goes along for the ride. 

So you don’t need that much of a grip on it.

Should You Wear Two Gloves?

Some professional golfers like Tommy Gainey aka Tommy’s Two-Gloves’ have said that the reason he wears two gloves is that he is a former baseball player and as he transitioned into golf, wearing two gloves was just a natural feel for him.

However, it might not happen to everyone. Rather than just a personal preference, wearing one or two gloves can be whether you’re comfortable or not. If you do get really bad blisters or calluses on your non-glove hands, you’d probably wear two gloves. 

Oftentimes, the location can be one of the reasons why some golfers wear two gloves instead of one glove. For instance, if you live in a very humid area like Baltimore, your hands can easily get sweaty. 

So, no matter how do you grip, the club slips. Another concern is the heat where some players do have sunburn issues and skin exposure to the sun.

So, two gloves? No problem! There is no reason you shouldn’t at least give it a try.

How About Wear No Gloves?

Now you know that you should put on a glove either left or right-hand side or just both. But can you hit the ball with no gloves? That sounds like a legit question.

Although it’s recommended that every golfer should wear a glove for a better grip on the golf club, however, it is not a requirement to play golf.

Remember, when your hands get sweaty you might not be able to secure a grip on the club. It tends to slip out of your hands when swinging. Moreover, if it’s raining, it makes your situation worst because your golf club is wet.

There are professional players like Freddie Couples and Lucas Glover who are known for not wearing a glove.

How Important Is A Golf Glove?

The real reason why we wear a glove is not just to look like a golfer but to get get a good grip on the club without squeezing the grip so hard.

If you get hot or you get sweaty palms or you live in a humid climate, the slippery grip can cause you to lose your ability to make a good swing. You can feel more tension in the hands and arms and that’s why a golf glove is so important.

When wearing a glove, you can pay attention to the most important aspect of the game like concentrating on light grip pressure and swing speed rather than dealing with the slippery grip.

Very few professional golfers don’t use a glove. We do recommend one if you don’t have a preference. A good glove can help to prevent some blisters and some soreness.


Regardless of whether you wear one glove, two gloves, or no gloves at all – it is imperative for golfers to maintain equal grip pressure in both hands. Good grip pressure and balance will help you hit the ball with better control and feel nice.

Regardless of whether you wear one glove, two gloves, or no gloves at all, you must maintain equal grip pressure in both hands. Also, wearing a glove can help you get better at golf.

If you feel like you accomplish this by wearing two gloves then, by all means, go ahead. And if you concern about getting your hand blistered, you should consider wearing a glove.